K-9 Training Classes

Dog Training Classes

Puppy group lessons – six-week session

45 minutes of instruction
Limited distraction. We teach puppies in a very positive manner to sit, down, stand for exam, sit-stay, down-stay, heeling, come, here- hand to nose contact (targeting), watch me- attention command, leave it and much more, at a puppy level.

Intermediate group lessons – six-week session

1-hour class
Introducing lots of distraction to your basic commands, as well as your motion exercises- sit, down, watch me, leave it and much more. We also up the duration, distance, distraction, diversity and difficulty levels. Class is done in a safe positive environment. Getting them ready for the advanced off-leash courses.

Advanced group classes – twelve-week session

1-hour class  
Class starts with a review of all commands and hand signals under medium distraction migrating to heavy distraction. The course gets the dogs to the off-leash point, starting your agility. Great for off-leash control for people who love to hike or just have fun with your dog. Teaches great control in live situations.

Private and Behavioural lessons

Great for any type of behavioural problems such as dog/human aggression, any type of aggression, fear issues, dominant issues, and leadership problems, pulling, barking, jumping, fear/anxiety, separation anxiety, not coming when called, obedience, and much more.

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